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How long and how frequent are sessions?

Sessions are typically one therapeutic hour, 50 minutes, which is standard to allow for notetaking and preparation for the next client. 

You will usually reserve the same appointment day and time on a recurring weekly, or fortnightly basis. I understand we all have busy lives so please ask if you require more flexibility with scheduling appointments. If you require more than one session a week this is also something that we can accommodate.

Is everything I say confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is paramount. As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy I am bound by their ethical framework for good practice. Only in situations such as risk to yourself or others, safety and protection of children, disclosure of acts of terrorism and serious crime such as money laundering, drug or people trafficking, or finally where I am ordered to share information by a court of law would I contact third parties.

Please refer to my privacy policy for more details on confidentiality and how I keep your information safe.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone’s journey to growing, changing, and healing is different as every client is unique. Therefore, the number of sessions that each person may choose to have will vary. The number of sessions you want is entirely up to you as I offer sessions on an open-ended basis.

Most people start with eight and we will do regular reviews to check in on how things are going, and you can decide when it feels right to end.

How do I pay for sessions?

There are several ways you can pay.


I acceot bank transfers 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Once you are booked in I will provide my bank details.


You can pay cash at the beginning of our appointment together. 

You can pre book in a block of 6 appointments and recieve a discount. This can be paid by bank transfer in advance of your first appointment in the block. 

How do I access your services?

I currently rent a room in Blackpool in a local charity premises, Counselling in the Community. This is based on Waterloo Road, close to the promenade. There is on the street parking adequate for the length of our session. 

For online sessions I use Zoom, which you will need to download before our session. I will then send you an invite link, via email. You will need to make sure you have an adequate internet connection and a private space where you will not be disturbed or distracted. 

What’s the next step?

If you have any other questions please contact me to discuss.

You can book in your free, no obligation, consultation below to get started!

I really look forward to speaking to you!

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