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About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah, a down to earth, pluralistic counsellor and I help people with feelings of low self-worth. I'm a proud northerner from Blackpool and I love a brew!  In my free time I enjoy art, food, music, and most of all, having a laugh!

I’m a mum of two and had a busy career as a rehabilitation worker for a brain injury charity.  I was a people pleaser and I never said no, overcommitting to plans and taking too much responsibility.  This affected my work, homelife and relationships. The constant juggle of day-to-day life became so stressful. My perfectionist traits and self-critical thought patterns added to the pressure, I never felt that I was enough. I eventually burnt out, hitting rock bottom.

This was a turning point for me, something needed to be done, so I made the best decision of my life and sought help from a counsellor. This was a hard step to take as I felt I didn't deserve to take up the space, feeling other people had it much worse. I had everything I needed but I still just felt empty and overwhelmed. However,  the outcome changed my life. Together, we worked through my feelings and thinking patterns. We explored things from my past that affected the way I could handle stress in the present.

I finally felt FREE!  I felt able to cope and no longer suffering from overwhelm. I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted. I wasn't carrying all those burdens anymore. 

I wanted to give this gift to people who felt like me. Since then, it has been my passion to support others who are struggling with their sense of worth.

I am trained in Pluralistic therapy and I believe that different approaches, work for different people at different times. I have learnt a mixture of theories to meet different client needs, taking into account your uniqueness as a person to make sure you get the most out of our sessions together. I am warm and friendly and offer a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential space where you’ll feel fully heard, understood, and supported to explore yourself. Somewhere that allows you to get it all out, everything that you've held in your head for so long because you had nowhere else to keep it. 

Contact me now if you are ready to change .... Because you matter too. 

Qualifications and Areas of Continued Professional Development

First Class Honours BSc Counselling, Coaching and Psychological Interventions

General CPD

Walk and Talk Therapy

Existential Therapies

Working at Relational Depth

Pluralistic Approaches to Bereavement

Level 2 Safeguarding Adults and Children

Trauma CPD

The Flash Technique

Polyvagal Theory

RASA Workshop on Supporting disclosures of sexual abuse

Workshop with Dr Gill Raynor, Working compassionately with self-harm

TISA VISA with Lancashire Women


18 months for the local charity, Counselling in the Community, supporting clients with depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, bereavement and trauma. 

1 year working at Lancashire Women's centre supporting women with depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and domestic and sexual abuse. 

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